Holiday Entertaining: Do's and Don'ts for Holiday Hosts!

If you entertaining for the Holidays, read this: The smell of your fragrance can either entice or repel your guests!! Take a moment to ensure your fragrance flatters the delicious aromas you've spent hours preparing. Smell is often the first response to stimuli, so when your guests walk into the room, make sure you're wearing a fragrance that compliments your olfactory motive. Some people perceive smells differently then others, so make sure you have a variety of scents to accommodate (i.e. scented pine cones, candles, holiday air fresheners, food aroma). Celebrate the season with memorable events filled with good friends, family and spectacular scents!

Do: Lift your holiday spirit with a warm and sensuous fragrance that will compliment the festive mood. The winter season is perfect for heavier musks and oriental inspired fragrances. Cinnamon scents compliment the warm smell of winter baking! A tender orange spice fragrance calms the nerves and relaxes the mind. Experiment with a signature scent!

Don’t: Wear summer floral scents. The light eau de toilettes will contrast with the rich food aroma and cool weather.

Do: Lightly spritz! Allow your fragrance to modestly blend with the thrilling whiff of the kitchen. Your guaranteed compliments!

Don’t: Distract your guests with too much perfume or cologne. You'll overdo the performance! Spray on your pulse points or whisk through a cloud of your favorite scent.

1. ABSOLUTELY IRRESISTABLE BY GIVENCHY: A sophisticated yet seductive scent aiming at a more mature and settled woman. Made with the finest ingredients, Absolutely Irr├ęsistible by Givenchy is perfect for any woman.

2. VERSACE CRYSTAL NOIR BY VERSACE: A lush blend of gardenia and amber, this sheer fusion of modern contrasts is the ultimate statement in luxury and femininity. Destined to become a classic, this delicate scent was inspired by haute couture, and is the ultimate high-fashion accessory. (Buy Now)

3. IDOLE D' ARMANI BY ARMANI: Created in 2009 as a daring new fragrance from the designer house of Armani inpired by the classy and sexy women of today. (Save 23%)

4. BURBERRY THE BEAT BY BURBERRY: A sparkling floral woody fragrance with an attitude that brings about a sexy, feminine, modern, dynamic and vibrant energy into the mix.

5. VERY SEXY FOR HER BY VICTORIA'S SECRET: A sexy scent with a sultry blend of vanilla orchid and a sparkle of Clementine. Perfect for a romantic holiday! (Save 11%)

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December 2, 2009 at 1:27 PM

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