New Soivohle' Honeysuckle Bird, Tobacco & Tulle Perfume for Women

New Soivohle' Honeysuckle Bird, Tobacco & Tulle Perfume for Women

Soivohle' (formerly Liz Zorn) has launched two new fragrances, Honeysuckle Bird and Tobacco & Tulle:

Honeysuckle Bird: "This is a reintroduction of a scent that was first created for a bride. It has been updated and refined. A lovely blend of Honeysuckle notes paired with Lily of The Valley. Just the slightest hint of Jasmine and Linden blossom, with a bright opening of Bergamot and Green Grass, and a soft ambery base, of Labdanum Tolu and Musk." Honeysuckle Bird joins the Moderne collection, and is available in 12 ml Parfum.

Tobacco & Tulle: "...otherwise known as the Reluctant Existentialist, An Homage to Albert Camus, This scent combines Tobacco and Tuberose Absolutes with natural animal and botanical musks. Notes include: Ambrette Seed, Tonka Bean, Cumin, Cassis, Valerian, Jasmine Absolute, Sweet Almond, Rose, Guiac, Cedar and Orris Butter. Animal notes: Cruelty Free, Hyrax Tincture, Beach Harvested Ambergris. Also contains a small amount of natural green oakmoss." Tobacco & Tulle joins the Natural Collection, and is available in 4.5 or 15 ml Parfum.

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