New 4711 Acqua Colognia Perfume for Women

New 4711 Acqua Colognia Perfume for Women

4711 Acqua Colognia in cooperation with Maurer & Wirtz has presented a new line of colognes for men and women. The fragrances will win you over with their natural ingredients and they promise unique, fresh and sensual aromas. The collection includes the following fragrances: Lemon & Ginger ,Lavender & Thyme, Royal Riesling, Vetyver & Bergamot, Melissa & Verbena. They will be available on the market from March 2009.

4711 brand name. The Acqua Colonia collection, "inspired by the beauty of nature", includes:

Lemon & Ginger: "Embodies the ease of summer and transports the senses to the ripe, lemon-tree covered hillsides of Sicily. The fascinating composition of exhilarating lemon and stimulating ginger smells of sun and awakes memories of woderful days spent amidst nature."

Vetyver & Bergamot: "The relaxing fragrance was inspired by the freshness and purity of the Asian tropics after a rain shower, from where the earthy sweet grass vetyver has its origin. Intertwined with refreshing bergamot, it reflects the awe-inspiring power and beauty of Mother Nature, which harmonises body and spirit."

Royal Riesling: "This cheerful fragrance is a tribute to the Riesling grape. It is the queen of white wine grapes and is considered to be the most precious type on the world. It is said to have euphoriant effects."

Lavender & Thyme: "This calming fragrance captures the warmth and beauty of the countryside of Provence in France and is reminiscent of violet-coloured fields of lavender under brilliant sunrays. The Mediterranean composition of relaxing lavender and spicy, warming thyme softly calms the frenzied senses."

Melissa & Verbena: "This invigorating scent is reminiscent of smoothing gardens of healing herbs covered in morning dew, where melissa is grown for its positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. The mysterious combination of revitalizing melissa and harmonious verbena makes the composition a pure elixir of life."

The 4711 Acqua Colonia collection fragrances are available in 170 ml Eau de Cologne.

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