Dior Dolce Vita by Christian Dior Perfume for Women

Dolce Vita is a fragrance that although is not gourmand, has a character of an abstract dessert, with its cedarwood notes delicately layered with stewed peaches and dusted with cinnamon and charred vanilla pods. Related to fragrances such as, on the one hand, Shiseido Féminité Du Bois (1992), Serge Lutens Boix range (1992), and Serge Lutens Cèdre, and, on another, Rochas Femme and Guerlain Mitsouko, Dolce Vita is a cedarwood ornamented in such a way as to bring out the luminous quality of the wood.

Created in 1996 by Pierre Bourdon (with Maurice Roger), the creator of Iris Poudré, Yves Saint Laurent Kouros (1981), and Shiseido Féminité Du Bois (1992, with Christopher Sheldrake), Dolce Vita opens up with magnolia and watery lily, the transparency of which allows a glimpse of a hot cinnamon note.

If a presence of cedarwood hints at the connection with Féminité Du Bois, the heart of Dolce Vita differs. Where Féminité Du Bois is plumy, Dolce Vita strays into the spiced peach territory. Where Féminité Du Bois is brooding, Dolce Vita is sweeter and more vanillic.

The composition dries down to an elegant blend of cedarwood and sandalwood ornamented by balsamic vanilla and oakmoss. It bears a tinge of heliotropin that gives the end result a beautiful sweetness that vacillates between a flaky pie crust and almond meat. Resinous darkness shrouds the base notes, preventing the composition from becoming overly sweet and gourmand. Although designated as a feminine fragrance, Dolce Vita would be ravishing on a man.

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