A Brief History of Juicy Couture, The World's Hottest Designer Brand

Ever wonder how one of your favorite fashion designer brands was started? Where did the name originate and how did it become such a big success? Lets dive into the history of Juicy Couture, one of today hottest fashion labels most popular with young adults and celebrities.

Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Taylor (wife of John Taylor of Duran-Duran) founded Juicy Couture in 1994. The company started as a designer T-Shirt company. The look of the company changed drastically in 1999 with tho companies entrance into the denim and sportswear market. Next came the item the company is most famous for, "The Track Suit." The item came in velour, terry cloth, and cashmere. The elements that made these suits so famous was there low riding draw string pants and form fitting zip up hoodies in a variety of mouthwatering colors. Skaist-Levy and Taylor, according to most fashion magazines, have made there track suit as popular as the little black dress.

In 2003 Juicy Couture was purchased by Liz Claiborne, Inc. for an undisclosed multi-million dollar sum. Quite an accomplishment for a company that sold track suits, "Juicy loves Martha" T Shirts, and ruffled velvet tube dresses. All of Juicy Couture items are manufactured with the companies signature logo, too highland terriers holding a shield bearing three hearts and love P&G (Pat and Gela) Juicies creators. A crown lies overhead while a Juicy Couture banner flutters below the underline slogan, "Made in the Glamorous USA"

Juicy Couture's label has reached the heights of such labels as Gucci, Guess and DKNY. This was accomplished by a brilliant marketing ploy. They cultivated relationships with the Hollywood community and invited top celebrities such as JLO, Cameron Diaz and Madonna to shop for Free. Then they had these famous women have there pictures taken with these items and this concept raised the label to the status of, "Chic Couture."

Fast forward to today and under the Liz Claiborne aegis, Juicy Couture markets many items under many categories. They have both men and womens collections, children's collections as well as a mix of fashion accessories including jewelry, handbags and swim wear.

In the last 14 years we have seen many changes but one thing that hasn't is Skaist-Levy and Taylor are still at the head of this most prosperous organization as co-presidents.

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