CHI Turbo 1" Flat Iron Model GF1538 by CHI Hair Style Tools

CHI Turbo 1" Flat Iron Model GF1538 by CHI Hair Style Tools

The unique thing that makes CHI stand out as a brand and gives you the DSC a huge competitive edge in sales has to be technology. As we all know the market is not lacking another shampoo or color line there are plenty on the market already. But Farouk systems believes that through innovation we can offer the hairdresser truly unique products that out perform anything else on the market.

Now available with a stronger element for more durability. CHI Turbo Ceramic Hairstyling Iron provides Ceramic Technology for flash quick heating with the Far Infrared. New Easier grip with ergonomic design and with felt at the tip for easier hold. CHI Turbo Ceramic Hairstyling Iron also provides versatile heat cetting to provide you with total control for all your hairstyling needs.

Ceramic Heat
-Moist Ceramic Heat with Ceramic Plates and Coils
-Ceramic will maintain even temperature all the time
-Ceramic will produce negative ions
-Seals the cuticle
-Repels humidity
-Locks in hair color and retards fading
-Ceramic Heat will ensure the penetration of the Silk Molecules to the Hair
-Traditional copper coil can cause more damage and dry the hair
-Ergonomically Designed
-10 foot heavy duty electrical cord
-360 degree Swivel Connection to prevent tangling
-On-Off switch on the side for easy access.
-Light weighted
-Fits in a standard curling Iron Station
-"Flash Heating" in only seconds
-Temperature switch on the side for variable control from 175°-356°F (or 80°-180°C)
-Squeeze sensitive = tighter squeeze will direct more ceramic heat to the hair
-Saves energy - CHI only uses 20-25 Watts of Electricity

-For straight looks
-To prepare dry hair cuts
-Circuit breaker for safety
-Space age installation = heat is only produced to the Ceramic plates
-Exterior will be only warm, not hot

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