Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir and Azzaro Aqua by Azzaro Cologne for Men

The strength of image and the beauty of vivacity. These are the promises made to you by Azzaro, with their two new outstanding fragrances, Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir and Azzaro Aqua. Both of these intense, decadent flavors will tantalize and awaken the fervor within you to style, coordination, and pure audacity. A remake of the classic 1970's versions, these new hints provide you with a more subtle, abstract sensation that will bring you running to the retailer for more, before you've even finished the first bottle.

This sensational fragrance denotes exactly what it intends to provide. The blood-letting of the human inside you. This powerful mixture is truly a miracle of sorts, and aptly titled so, as Pour Homme Elixir delivers you into a robust sensation of demure and confidence that will have you gain-saying across the board, in the workplace, the bar, and the bed.

This potent new mixture provides you with a dazzling array of decandent delights for you to pour your senses over. Providing a near intoxicating mixture of geranium, oak moss, vanilla, mandarin, benzoin, blackcurrant, and a spicey amber fragrance that will leave others begging you at every inch to take a step closer. Developed by Michel Girard, you will have no doubts Pour Homme Elixir is the passionate expense for you.

Mandarin, Benzoin, Bergamot
Moss, Blackcurrant
Vanilla, Oak, Cedar,

And now the new flacon, toting a striking design will look as good as it smells in all scenarios. Encased in a viveting snow glass container that flows vividly from an overpowering red to a determined black, and with a metallic stripe below the black stopper to simulate elegance and structure within the fiery exhume, you can expect Pour Homme Elixir to stand the test of time once more.

Water. The essence of life itself and the sustainer of every organism known to man, Aqua from Azzaro seeks to communicate the most profound simplistic design of all, H20. And they achieve this transformation flawlessly, with a dire scent that will return you to the beach and is liable to abandon you for some time in paradise. This startling limited edition fragrance emboldens you to feel the sensuality, and the calming frugality which all things aqua attend mankind, and embrace the tranquil sensations, of this profound Eau de Toillete, Aqua.

This new limited edition release, will inebriate your senses into a lulling factor that will make you reminesce of those cloud free summer days in the pool every person has always been fond of. This fragrance bears an unremarkable sensation of water, but goes beyond this to bring you a revitalizing mint sensation, coupled with spicy woods and a mixture of citrus delights that may make you salivate before application is even complete. Couple this, with Aqua's notes of tarragon, cassiis, cedar, nutmeg and basil, and you find yourself complemeneted with a degree of relaxation only a 2 week cruise could replicate.

Citrus, Cassiiss, Tangerine
Nutmeg, Basil, Musk, Cedar

Azzaro Aqua also comes to you with a riveting design, whose sleek and curved lines simulate the consistency of water to form, adapt, bend and twist to meet any oncoming expectation. Breaking like the waves on rocks, this lasting yet brief sentimented fragrance will put you on the back burners all day, so make sure your dressed whenever applying for a day of nothing, but smooth sailing with Azzaro Aqua.

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