Davidoff Hot Water by Davidoff Cologne for Men

Hot Water by Davidoff
Burning passion. Forbidden Lust. Scorching Desire.

These, the emotions that pursue the trails of Hot Water by Davidoff. This fiery new release from Davidoff is the follow-up to the temperately opposite Cool Water release of 1988. Where Davidoff first sought to relax and soothe your senses through the consolation of chill, they now desire only to see your passions burn freely with this immense, striking new fragrance. Hot Water by Davidoff empowers you to take hold of all the things timidity might forbid you, giving you the charisma and fiery core necesarry to turn those images we call dreams into pleasures of reality. With a light touch that leaves a trail of potent heat upon contact, become riveted in the boiling spirit of Hot Water.

Composed by perfumers Domitille Bertier and Olivier Polge, you will have no doubts of the remarkable quality and passion with which Hot Water has been issued to us. As you embark on this tempestuous journey, will become emblazened by top notes of red basil, wormwood, and the psychologically induced fervor of absinthe. Bolster this with notes of benzoin Siam and pimento, and you will find yourself upon an unfamiliar plane of dark, reciprocating cooridors that amount to the culimination of one, writhing truth. The provoking sensation which is, Hot Water by Davidoff.
Red basil, Wormwood, Absinthe
Benzoin Siam, Pimento
Musk, Coriander, Jasmine, Amber

This startling new sensation will afford you a host of new endeavors, as the heads and nose of every woman in your vicininity flock to your endearing aspect, and after which, trail. This is the new guarantee from Davidoff achieved through Hot Water. With a remarkably simplistic flacon that promises in 3 blocks and 3 notes to grant you all that you desire which is tinted with the flames of red, prepare yourself for ecstacy, and try not to get burned, when applying Hot Water, by Davidoff.

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