Guerlain Elixir Charnel Le Boise Torride by Guerlain Perfume for Women

In the 1800's, products weren't made the way they are today. Now, quality as a standard, is dictated not by the product but my but needs of production itself. But in the 1800's a deft, pure, hand crafted faculty was all that would suffice, for the pride people took in their work. It is from these humble roots, 1828 to be exact, that Guerlain began their campaigning legacy for perfection in the finest. You will have no doubts of this, once you have tested just this one of four in the Elixir Charnel Set, Le Boise Torride.

Your senses will fail to elude the envigorating measure, as you are first hit with a tantalizing wave of red berries, bergamot, and a lightly pungent tangerine haze that will excite every sensation your body can feel. This wave is followed by a hearty mixture, revealed to be essences of orange blossom, white musk, and the royal delight procured through the scent of jasmine.

Orange blossom, citrus, bergamot
red berries
White musk, amber, jasmine, sandalwood

With a classic flacon of design followed through editions from the previous Elixir Charnels, Le Boise Torride provides a level of elegance and womanly composure to be expected from a true standing pioneer in the industry. Available in 75ml eau de parfum, it would be wise to add one of these to your collection, for days when regality and standing out in the crowd becomes absolute necessity.
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