Hermes Kelly Caleche L`Eau de Parfum by Hermes Perfume for Women

Become sought after, become touched, become wanted, through this vivacious new release from Hermes, Kelly Caleche L'Eau de Parfum. This magnificent new classic comes to pay homage to the marvelous Grace Kelly, and Kelly Hermes leather purses, in addition to the mythical Caleche which was released only a year ago. This marvelous descent into ecstacy will touch upon every follicle and pore of your body to provide a level of sensuality and grace that will exceed all expecations. Kelly Caleche L'eau de Parfum is the next evolutionary step in luxury fragrances, and this acceleration in opulence will find itself right at home, no matter where you require it to fit. Guaranteed.

Kelly Caleche L'Eau de Parfum is presented to you by the masterful developer, Jean-Claude Ellena, and its made to present you with the most relaxing, floral, harmonious conconctions of notes that will guarantee the pleasure of the applicator from dawn till dusk eternia. With a marvelous mixture of grapfruit and other fruity citruses, and floral notes of yellow mimosa, gourmand, iris, and a striking degree of Rose. Kelly Caleche L'eau de Parfum promises to be everything you expect in a fragrance, and so very much more.

Rose, Violet
Vanilla, Bergamot
Leather, musk, Amber, Sandalwood

Kelly Caleche L'Eau de Parfum is made accessible to you in a most marvelously designed flacon, complexed with a surreal glass bottle curving at all square angles to a solid 3 inch glass base, and entitled with Kelly in Times New Roman and Caleche in chic hand writing, and finally, adorned with a strong black stopper concluding to a base of thick stainless steel metal, locked down by a stainless steel lock which will keep the fragrance of your heart as safe as it will the respect of your demeanor. The ultimate in sophistication fragrances has arrived, and its name is Kelly Caleche L'Eau de Parfum.

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