Lancome Tresor Sheer Fragrance by Lancome Perfume for Women

It is the reinvention of a masterpiece that will strike you the fiercest, upon viewing this brand new revelation from Lancome, Tresor Sheer Fragrance. Prepare to be embolden by the supreme feminine, and take hold of the shroud of perfection, as you endure upon a path of supreme tranquility and relaxing summer breezes. Made with the intention to make clear the hidden qualities that made the original 1990 Tresor such a blatant success, you will find here the supreme nature of allusion here, and embrace it as your own, with Tresor Sheer Fragrance, by Lancome.

Being flagshipped by British actress and Oscar Winner Kate Winslet, you will have no doubts then why the comparison is justified, through the sheer exemplary expression of elegance, sophistication, and powerful feminimity. With gorgeous top notes of sweet italian bergamot, freesia, structuring sandalwood, and delectable white pepper, prepare to be incensed by this foreign marvel that feels like you've known it your whole life. Tresor Sheer Fragrance by Lancome.

Italian Bergamot, Fressia
Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Tresor Sheer Fragrance ascertains a mode of supreme excellence, and thus is observed by the marvelous flacon design Lacome has utilized to express the futility of denying this head runner in woman's fragrances. Bearing wide hips as vivacious as a beautiful woman herself, these angles rivet themselves down to a beautiful petite finish, as if to communicate the ancient ideal of the flawless feminine, and is embridled by a crystalline square stopper, wreathed in gold at its base, and fastened with a lace black rose to show that ingenuity and elegance can in fact be coupled with fasion. It's name? Tresor Sheer Fragrance. It's claim? Utter excellence.

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