Queen Latifah Queen by Queen Latifah Perfume for Women

A queen is a powerful, headstrong, confident leader that exudes supreme beauty and masterful elegance. So its no suprise it took a queen to finally deliver us the fragrance representing this gorgeous transformation. The queen is Queen Latifah. The scent, Queen. Simple enough right? And what more must a queen express in denoting her superiority. You need only know her status to know everything she has to offer and secure wether for herself or the pride of her people. Queen by Queen Latifah matches this detail flawlessly, as you will find this exotic, sweet, flawless fragrance to be the most unique fragrance to come along yet.

Queen by Queen Latifah comes infused with remarkable oriental wood gourmand flavors, emboldened by the flawless features of bergamot, baie rose, musk, tonka bean, mandarin, jasmine noir, patchouli, vanilla, incense, sandalwood, golden tequila, and a delightful zest of cogniac giving the final touch that certifies this exquisite fragrance the notation of nothing less then a queen. The dry down time will reveal nothing but the sensuality of this beautiful nature, as you become incensed with the intoxicating features of buttery caramel, vanilla, and honey-ladened milks. This subtle, but gorgeous taste will provide you everything you need, to convey what you already know. The queen is presence. The Queen is here.

Bergamot, Baie Rose, Mandarin, Patchouli
Incense, Tonka Bean, Jasmine Noir
Buttery Carmel, Vanilla, Golden Tequila, Sandalwood, Cogniac

This remarkable fragrance, denoting the title of royalty, understands the need to express this very thing. As Queen Latifah has made certain the flacon design was equally expressive of the element of confidence and clear-headedness required of a woman of such remarkable stature. The flacon of Queen comes in an incredibly provocative design, that is embedded head-to-toe squarely, with rubies of the most blood red texture, rising only to give shape directly center of a soft heart, and adored with a flawless gold stopper that commands royalty. You may wish to to be buried with this one, so reminescent is it of the treasures discovered in the tombs of the pharoahs. This is the power. This is the blazing desire of Queen by Queen Latifah.

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