10 Foods and Perfumes that Boost Your Sex Drive

Sex is everything. To go beyond sugarcoating the issue, wether it be in relationships, advertisement, media, and the like, sex is everything and everywhere. Wether it be part of an innuendo, a sub-context, flat out blatant in your face, or anything between, it's undeniable that sex is an integral part in not only our culture, but our everyday life. And if this be the case, wouldn't it be wise to keep your sexual edge as sharp as possible? You never know when the next challenge might arise, and to those ends, we bring you 10 of the sexiest food aphrodisiacs, minus the spanish fly, with their fragrant counterparts to allow you to play at peak performance, whenever you enter the field.

Provided as the perfect at hand snack come rain or shine, you might be suprised to to find bananas on the list of of delectable, sex enhancing snacks for you to compromise your diet of. But the banana is full of qualities which are not to be disenchanted. As the native locals of India or Brazil might tell you, Banana's will spiritually guarantee virility upon eating as they're phallic shape portends strength and ripe, fresh livelihood. Which will come in handy when a pair of bull genitalia are not present.

Bananas are well known to stifle the risk of suffering colorectal cancer, renal cell carciinoma, and breast cancer. And let's not pretend breast' aren't one of the key functions in any sexy relationship. To enhance the delightful pleasures of this divine fruit, incorporate one of these fragrances into play for a well deserved evening.

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-Burberry Weekend by Burberry Cologne for Men is a fresh and transparent fragrance for those relaxing and long weekends. Weekend for Men was inspired by a drive through the rich English countryside and the free spirit of the land. The name Weekend brings images of relaxation, informality, freedom, and well-being. It evokes the idea of a weekend getaway, sharing great moments filled with humor, joy, and happiness. (Save 42%)

Walnuts are another stimulating source of pleasure enhancers you can find growing in the wild, or sitting in the market. And there's much more the one reason to indulge in these sensitive idols of virility. The Greeks and Romans both believed that walnuts were linked to the sacred Goddess Diana or Aphrodite, and likewise thus considered a sacred fruit at all festivals linked to joy, pleasure, fertility, and a good harvest. Are these not, the things we usually wish to obtain when encountering the opposite sex?

Walnuts are also comprised of a potently healthy make-up that will keep your body in a striving condition when taken regularly. Walnuts have incredible reserves of omega-3 fatty acids, which provides a list of beneficial side effects, stimulating blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, facilitating the fibre degrading process, and do battle against heart attacks. Which makes this a perfect chaser to viagra. This just being half the list of benefits obtained from Walnuts, expect to be picking this up at the grocery store everytime! You may wish to add one of these fragrances to your cabinet as well, to finish the duality of potencies.

Try these nutty fragrances:

Pomegranate. The name alone means apple-seeded, and since it has been noted as the, "Apple of Love" for particularly obvious reasons. Could it be the apple like sweet seeds that inundate the insides of the pomegranate? Red has always been considered the color of romantic love and passion, so must it be the scarlet insides of the Pomegranate that grants sexual intensity and robust passion? Why not. The pomegranate has obtained world wide acclaim since the ancient days, imported to every end of the earth for its delightfully soft flavors and taste. Regarded as a fruit of beauty and passion through several religions, and is also a good trump card if you've got a maiden trapped in Hades that's trying to get home.

Pomegranates are considered a wonder fruit, utilized in antiquity in Ayurveda systems of medicine, this fruit has seen its medical purpose acknowledged since medicine itself began. The ancients believed it fought problems of the bowels: Parasites, dysentery and diarrhea. In addition to this they were believed to stop things ranging from nose bleeds and gum bleeds, toning of the skin, treating of hemorrhoids and as an appropriate tonic for the heart and throat. Whats not to love about all that?

While some of these claims may be a little less verified then others, we certainly know the pomegranate is edged at reducing heart disease risk factors, in addition to stifling systolic blood pressure, while fighting dental plaque and viral infections. So you can expect to be at the best of health when your laying tracks between the sheets. Mix in these favorite fragrances of ours, to fulfill your burning red desires.
Explore some of these fruity scents!

-Pleasures Delight by Estee Lauder Perfume for Women is delicious...a playful side of Pleasures that's simply irresistible. (Save 19%)
-Dior Addict 2 by Christian Dior for Women launch in 2006 is a sparkling, alluring burst of fresh femininity, like a sweet bubble of optimism and energy. (Save 36%)
Vanilla, the one bean every human has long been familiar with. Is it too suprising to think that a sexual appetite can be increased by this remarkable bean? As the key substance in ice cream, who hasn't mixed this with strawberries or had it upon the body plane to heighten the senses and stimulate every portion of the body. Suprisingly, vanilla is also good for digestion as well, being an ancient aphrodisiac and remedy substance, you may find those lonely nights of cold binging were exactly what your love life has needed.

Vanilla has long been considered to have the ability to stimilate the libido, while providing high levels of calcium to already enhance the rich amounts in ice cream form, in addition to phosphorous, it will keep the bone structure and the muscular structure fit for service. And two interesting pieces of research have come out. Vanilla has been shown to increase catecholamine levels, including adrenaline, which will keep that excitement level stimulated throughout the night. And its also been known to ease and calm the senses of men, reducing inhibition. So grab yourself some vanilla bean and throw on the Titanic movie to guarantee the passion of the night. Mix these fragrances in for an olfactory overload of sexual stimulation.

You'll love these vanilla inspired fragrances:

Delicious, decadent, overwhelming stimulating the taste beds, these fire hot chilies have been the main staple in culinary, medicinal, and especially sexual cantor for thousands of years. Emboldening the human diet since 7500 BC, these delicious berries/vegetable/pepper has found itself to be an essential part of human life that predates all recorded history.

These chilies have a remarkable effect on humans, containing the chemical capsaicin, which gives them they're heat, they are a key ingredient in pepper spray. So wether its wanted or unwanted sex, rest assured you'll be covered. When Capsaicin enters the mouth an throat, it sends messages to the brain, informing it something hot has been digested. In response to this, the brain increases the heart rate, increases perspiration and releases endorphins. Forget sex, you can get a natural high off these things!!! The good effects don't stop there. Capsaicin has been known to cancer cell death in rats, weaken and inhibit cancer, have beneficial attributes for weight loss, fight daibetes, delaying the development of cardiovascular diseases, this is the win all situation. Spice things up with your best mate and stay in physical fitness, with these dire spices. Add some of these fulfilling sensations to complement the occasion.

Try these for the holidays!

I bet this one got your attention, didn't it? We probably don't even need to explain why chocolate is a sexual stimulent, though we will anyway, but chocolate is considered the number #1 aphrodesiac in all the world, and it's not confusing to see why. Its the greatest gift item for any time of year, and always meant to be with a loved one or a beloved one. Wether it be chocolate bunnies in Easter, Chocolate treats in Christmas, a sugar overload on Halloween, or the cradle of love on Valentine's Day, chocolate remains stimuli numero uno on everyone's marker.

Chocolate also contain a near over-bearing amount of health benefits which you will find welcoming as you try not to spill it on the sheets. It provides benefits to the circulatory system, keeping you in heat longer and longer, in addition providing effects of anticancer, brain stimulation, cough prevention, and even antidarrhoeal effects which is ironic at best. While its aphrodesiac effects remain unproven, do we really need scientific numbers to convince of something we long ago knew to be true? Of course not. So couple up a few bars of this good stuff with these scents to make sure you call in late to work the morning after.

Decadence and elegance in one savory glass. The potency of red wine is really uncontested in the world, and all the reasons why are quite evident. Wine is the original form of alcoholic breverage, and one can imagine the population boost in mankind's history when this was discovered. Seeing how evidence of fermenting grapes goes back to 7000 BC, its fairly evident it was everything. Wine as we know it originates in the sexual revolutionary state of Earth's history, in Greece around 4500 BC. We can thank Dionysus Bacchus for bringing us this healthy, sexually appetizing stimulant.

From the culinary discipline, to the blood of Christ, we find wine to have its beneficial uses all across the board. Though its startling health benefits may in fact suprise you. While excessive alcohol assumption can be bad (I too, am disappointed by this, my fellow alcoholics), in proper moderation is statistically verified to decrease cardiovascular events such as heart failure. So rest assured your heart will be in prime condition as you look into your lovers eyes, sparkling over a candle-lit table. Apply generous amounts of these fragrances, to complement the taste for the exotic.

Wether it be for a refreshing sunday eve, or for the entirety of Summer days and nights, watermelon is always been a fresh, stimulating fruit suitable to every occassion. This deliciously weighty fruit has been tended as the superior fruit of hot days, for its generous supply of water, and sweet, soothing flesh that make a mess far worth its benefits.

Watermelon is not known to contain any miraculous healing qualities, but does it really need some? Life is not always about being healthy, and Watermelon is made for those who like to have a little fun. Besides it does the one thing we want it do the most, and thats stimulate. Watermelons contain citrulline, which is a well known enhancer of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is known to expand and relax blood vessels, similar to Viagra, so expect an impressive boost in man power afte r a slice of this decadent delight. You can add some of these delicious fragrances to the mix to provide for a summer evening you'll never forget.

Check out these fruity fragrances:

Fire from the sea? Oh you better believe it. There's something sexually fascinating about Oysters, and though not seen from the naked eye, something about digesting the smooth, silken tongue of a bivalve just puts the anatomical stimulatory senses on overdrive. Wether digested cooked or raw, prepare for some ultra-enthusing sensations from these delicious little tykes.

Oysters provide for the body while stimulating it, as they are compromised of a wealthy source of several minerals, ranging from zinc and selenium, which are always lacking in the modern diet. Zinc is well known to boost testosterone production as well, guaranteed to increase your sex drive and put you into a frenzy of a man. So hold no fears in your indulgence of this decadent creature, because it will be well rewarded. Complement the event of the sea-faring delight with these fragrances for maximum stimulation.

Suprised to find this on the menu? Don't be. Celery is a provocative vegetable which provides for the body something none of the other Aphrodesiacs can, and it will put your lady in the mood, rest assured.

Celery has long been utilized for reliving of pain in ancient days, and is well known to contain a compound which lowers blood pressure. Its also an invaluable weight loss supplement, providing dietary fiber in large amounts. So you can shave a few pounds while shaving a few pounds with a generous helping of celery on the average occassion. In addition to this, Celery contains androstenone, a potent, odorless hormone which is released through perspiration in males. It's an active pheremone which will indulge the ladies into a primal sensation you can guarantee will leave the clothes strewn from the garage to the bedroom. Couple some of these greeny notations to bring the action full force.

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