Get the Look: How to Get Lady Gaga's Dramatic Look!

Gaga for Lady Gaga? Some might say that pop music icon Lady Gaga dresses in a peculiar sense, making masking tape and aluminum foil a new trend. But Lady Gaga has a much deeper passion for fashion. The trendy pop star has been spotted in futuristic designs laced with vintage boudoir and 1980's electronic edge; from her personal closet. "Fashion is everything ... I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of me," says Gaga. With her ultra sexy signature red lips and flamboyant hair styles, Lady Gaga has become one the biggest over night sensation in dance and art since pop legend Madonna.

If your reading this, your look is funky, wild, and a little bit over-the-top! If you want to steal Lady Gaga's unique look, just wear everything in you closet at once. Pair together items you never thought you would wear. This includes those dorky stockings you received last Christmas. Hot pink raincoats, dance recital outfits and moms old leggings do the trick! You can even create accessories from things you would never dream of wearing like lego bracelets and gold stickers. Most importantly, have fun creating your own style! After all, you are just as unique as Gaga. Remember to tone it down when you decide to leave the house. Pair together bright, stockings and pumps with even brighter accessories. Don't forget your huge pair of sunglasses and an edgy attitude. Keep it funky!

2. Christian Dior Rouge Lipstick
4. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
5. MAC 'Studio Sculpt' SPF 15 Foundation

*Wear false eye lashes and apply mascara carefully. Stick to a pale base and natural tones. Accentuate eye lashes and lips only.

3. Jolico Lite Daily Hair Care Spray

*Keep the messy locks, it will make you look like a million bucks!

*Stick to light florals in the day and deep oriental musks at night.

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