Astrology Scents 2010

Aries The Ram: Oriental - Floral
March 21 - April 20

Arians are unique and mysterious, always up for something spontaneous. They live quite interesting lives, never in one place for too long. Arians have a fiery fierce nature which often reflect child like behavior given the right situation. These are the first born of the zodiac and make the best entertainment figures. Always energetic, Arians prefer the scent of unusual tobacco, leather, coffee, amber, carnation, rose and pepper. These pioneers prefer oriental scents, since they are so adventurous. Arian Fergie launched Outspoken perfume for women earlier this year which encompasses a beautiful blend of jasmine and passion flower... sweeping you of your feet!

Fergie Outspoken
Guerlain Samara
Hanae Mori Magical Moon
Fred Hayman 273 Rodeo Drive
Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

Taurus The Bull: Oriental - Chypre
April 21 - May 21

Seeking stability with driven determination, Taurians are inspired by fresh, earthy fragrances. These warmhearted, patient beasts enjoy oriental aromas of balsamic, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and rose. Taurians are faithful, genuine friends who only deserve the upmost care and tender love. They also enjoy chypre scents like the Capricorn. Country singer Tim McGraw is a Taurian, reflecting his beefy essence in his first fragrance Southern Blend cologne for men-featuring whiskey accord, bergamot, amber and lavender.

Tim Mc Graw Southern Blend
Thierry Mugler Angel
Micaelangelo Bellagio Uomo
Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls
Aquolina Blue Sugar

Gemini The Twins: Nutty - Floral
May 22-June 21

Gemini's have a double personality, witty and well comprehendible. They are quick on their feet in conversation and are stellar salesman. Well put together and always dignified, Gemini's prefer nutty scents like hazelnut and almond. However, given any moment, they might decided to like mint or lavender fragrances instead. Either way, a Gemini knows what they want given the moment. They make excellent conversational friends and adhere an energetic spirit.

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison
Aquolina Chocolovers
Escada S
Rochas Poup'ee
Givenchy Very Irresistible

Cancer The Crab: Fruity
June 22 - July 22

Content and cozy at home, Cancerians protect themselves from the harsh realities of the outside world. These are the most sensitive of the zodiac, surfacing a fierce exterior and always shrewed. They prefer to burry themselves in cool places and love the smell of fruity scents like melon, vanilla, myrrh, tuberose and jasmine. Cancerians also love the righteous scent of cucumber, watermelon, cherry and grapefruit as well.

DKNY Delicious Night
Emporio Armani Night for Her
Valentino Rock 'N Dreams
Lalique Amethyst
Prescriptives Calyx

Leo the Lion- Citrus - Floral
22 July – 23 August

Leos love to strut their style! As the center of attention at EVERY social gathering, your outspoken attitude should compliment a charming scent. Basking in the sun, Leos love warm floral scents that comliment their enormous personalities. Passionate, warm, and extremely affectionate, Leos thrive on praise with the sun as their guide. Your ideal scent reflects fields of orange blossoms and neroli that allow you to roam. Lions also desire the fierce smell of fiery cinnamon, nutmeg, mimosa and intense juniper. Sexy actress Halle Berry is a lioness as it reflects in the signature scent Halle. Halle perfume for women ensures fragrant notes of pear blossom, mimosa, sandalwood, fig leaves, cashmere wood and amber.

Prada Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger
Givenchy Organza Indecence
Dolce & Gabbana Feminine
Carolina Herrera CH
Sisley Eau De Sisley 3

Virgo the Virgin: Woody - Musk
August 23- September 22

Virgos are the most meticulous of the zodiac. They seek absolute perfection in every task and want nothing but love and happiness for all mankind. Virgos represent nature and enjoy wholesome scents, natural and earthy. Their beauty is breathtaking but underneath their witty exterior is an analyst, a deep thinker. They enjoy the scent of pine and cedar because it reminds them of their ancestral roots. Sure, Virgos enjoy a variety of fruity-floral scents but nothing brews a Virgos creativity then the scent of exotic incense and creamy musk. Virgo Beyonce Knowles expresses her true femininity in Heat perfume for women, a musky blend of sweet fruits and spice.

Fred Hayman 273 Indigo
Lancome Attration
Bijan Bijian Black
Hugo Boss Boss Orange
Burberry The Beat

Libra the Scales: Floral
September 23 - October 22

Libras are true idealists who seek nothing but harmonic balance in life. Romantic, charming and easily influenced, you admire strong leafy florals such as lily of the valley and soft violet. As the avant garde in any artistic endeavor, you favor lavish bouquets of baby breaths, mimosa, rose, galbanum, magnolia and geranium.

Dior Diorissmo
Annick Goutal Violette
Theirry Mugler Rose (La Rose)
Elizabeth Arden Pretty
Chanel Allure Sensual

Scorpio The Scorpion: Musky - Floral
October 23 - November 22

Extremely magnetic, the sexy Scorpio radiates intellect and wisdom, performing a mastery beyond belief. These warriors are the most passionate of the zodiac but underneath their brave exterior, emotions tumble violently. Scorpios are careful in their selections and hardly make mistakes. Perfume is considered a weapon because it expresses their sensual side, alluring their victims into a trance of sexuality. Since Scorpios are romantics, they prefer the scent of musk and spice, adding a kick to their almighty sting. Pepper, leather, ginger and anise are perfect for these gorgeous Pluto people.


Sagittarius The Archer: Fruity - Floral
November 22 - December 22

The imaginative archer releases and retrieves bow and arrows of thought. Their mighty stance and muscle definition are easy to spot in a crowds. Sagittarians are the most optimistic and witty of all the signs, promising intuitive impression that can only be found in dreams. These philosophers graze on familiar scents of clove, saffron, dewy oakmoss, apple, pear, peach and sweet berries. Sagittarian Britney Spears depicts a beautiful blend of promising fruits in her Fantasy and Curious fragrance collections.


Capricorn The Goat: Chypre - Floral
December 22-January 20

Capricorns are well grounded and highly self disciplined. They are nurturers, the care givers who seek attention from those who need their help. Practical and prudent, capricorns inner beauty reflects their good duties accomplished within a lifetime. They prefer earthy scents leaning towards herbs rather then fruits. They adore the scent of vetiver, mushrooms, dirt, carrot root, mint, rosemary, jasmine, coriander, patchouli and dill.


Aquarius The Water Carrier: Fresh - Citrus
January 21 - February 19

Original and inventive, Aquarians are the nicest people you'll ever meet! Always engaged in intellectual thought, these unpredictable water carriers dream of a peaceful future, always ready to lend a hand. Aquarians were born energetic which attracts them to fresh, crisp, airy scents. Citrus is another bold favorite among the water sign along with lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot and aloe...just picture it, a creek or stream... grasp the invigorating aromas! Aquarian Paris Hilton encompasses a gorgeous blend of airy scents in her signature fragrance collection. (View)


Pisces The Fish: Fruity
February 20 - March 20

Bubbly and independent, Pisceans live everyday in la la land. Their passions reflect glittery fairy tales and streams of wonder but just as two fish swim against a turbulent stream, Pisces don't know which path to follow. They are ambitious and kind, intuitive and sympathetic, which truly make them the best of friends. The wonder fish favors ocean accords, tropical fruits and dreamy florals. Cocktail blends and cool sunsets is what most pisceans desire. You can catch them wearing a fruity blend of pineapple, coconut, cherry, mango, and kiwi... perfectly matched with gardenia, tuberose and champaca. Hints of absinthe and cognac are always a treat! Piscean Queen Latifah adds a shot of cognac and golden tequila to kick start her first signature fragrance Queen perfume for women. Toast!


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