Angelina Jolie Perfume

What is your celebrity's favorite scent or perfume for the fact? They are humans like we are and of course they enjoy fragrances as much as you and I do.

Angelina Jolie, one of God's greatest creations may I add, has good taste for fragrances. Angie's top two perfumes to wear are Love In White Perfume by Creed for its oriental yet lavender scent and Deseo Forever by Jennifer Lopez for its floral yet fruity scent. How sweeter can Angie Bit get? For those who enjoy perfumes make sure to check out Jennifer Lopez's Deseo Forever Perfume for Women that just launched this summer. It is a even sweeter and subtle smell than the inspiring fragrance Deseo by Jennifer Lopez Perfume for Women. So next time you are thinking of what new fragrance to get remember your fav celebrity Angelina and Jolie's favorites, who knows maybe you'll like it as well.

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