Covet Pure Bloom Perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrance

Sarah Jessica Parker launching her third fragrance this year, Sarah Jessica Parker is indulging in feminine floral scents with the new SJP fragrance Covet Pure Bloom Perfume. Covet Pure Bloom was indeed inspired by its look-a-like Covet Perfume (Green Bottle).

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker Pure Bloom is noted with purple plum, mandarin, coconut water, tuberose, royal indonesian pikake, jasmine, amber, creamy musk, sandalwood and orris. Following in the foot steps of the original bottle Covet, Covert Pure Bloom presents the same original bottling as its sister’s inspiration. The color distinctive brings the lush of femininity, with its subtle yet sweet scent.

With this in mind Pure Bloom Covet Perfume creator Sarah Jessica Parker created this fragrance in reference to a lush tropical flower to Covet (To Yearn). Parker's luscious fragrances like Lovely Perfume and Covet Perfume have been one many perfumer's favorite list. She continuous to make delicious fragrances with the irresistible Pure Bloom Cover Fragrance for women; with only one size to indulge in 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray!

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