Boudicca Wode Perfume for Women

Boudicca Wode For Women

"does something never done before and is applied in a new way."

Ohh this has got to be the coolest fragrance yet!! An experiment five years in the making, Boudicca, the London-based design house of Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby, will launch thir first visible fragrance Wode. Wode exudes the qualities of rebellion, intellectualism and a subversive, agitprop luxury inextricably associated with Boudicca from every pore. And, most importantly, when the colour fades it smells absolutely amazing. The Perfume is based on the smell of raw opium. The fragrance is named for WODE, a plant traditionally used to produce blue dye, and when sprayed from its 'graffiti can', will initially turn skin and/or clothing blue, then will turn transparent. This revolutionary art explores further the myth around Queen Boudicca (aka Boadicea). Legend has it she and her tribe wore a cobalt blue war “paint” on their skin that gave them a ferocious and mythical look when advancing into battle. When finally defeated by the Romans, Queen Boadicea killed herself by swallowing hemlock, an extract of which is included in Wode.

You can watch a short video: Boudicca Wode For Women.

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