Calvin Klein CK IN2U Heat for Men and Women

Calvin Klein CK IN2U Heat for Men and Women

March 2009 announces the house of Calvin Klein's fragrant pair for Men and Women, CK IN2U Heat. It will excite and attract erotic compositions during hot summer nights. These exotic and modern perfumes arrive in the same form as their antecedents, but in pink and blue nuances, which associate of summer evenings, while outer cartons show stylistic paintings of water surfaces.
CK IN2U Heat for Her opens with a sexy cocktail Appletini composed of apple and martini, with opulent aromas of red apple and dew freshness. A heart encompasses Sunset orchid from the Caribbean with frangipani and ginger, while base notes add cedar, sandalwood and creamy musk.

CK IN2U Heat edition for Him introduces the hotness of summer evenings, with vibrant pear aromas, coriander leaves and Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha in top notes. A heart is enriched with mate tea with ginger and iris root, while base notes introduce birch, vetiver and musk.

Both flacons are available in amount of 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

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