Pet Perfume? Juicy Crittoure Pet Perfume for Dogs

PET FRAGRANCES!!! Get out of Town!!
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Yes, you read it correctly. For those of you who don't know what the fuss is about, Pet Fragrances have become a recent popular trend in our society. Juicy Crittoure Pet Perfume for Dogs is the first fragrance for the "decadent doggy." All you need to do is spray Juicy Crittoure Pawfume to the back of your pooch's neck or apply to the hand and massage evenly to dry coat. A dog's life keeps getting exceptional. Now a days, walking your dog on a leash is considered a fashion crisis. Being stylish this season means you and your doggy are wearing the latest Juicy Couture fragrances.

Juicy Crittoure Pet Perfume for Dogs is available in a 1.0 oz Eau de Parfum Spray. But don't worry! Your four legged BFF will continue to maintain his/her natural PH Balance while continuing to smell sweet. Our modern culture demands fragrance sense. It demands Juicy Crittoure Pet Pawfume for Dogs. has a wide selection of fragrances for you and your pup! Don't forget! At, you get FREE SAMPLES with every purchase and FREE SHIPPING with orders over $100! Why not spoil you and your loyalist companion and visit Ultra Fragrances Inc today! Where luxury meets affordability!

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