Fresh Citron de Vigne Unisex Perfume for Men and Women

New Fresh Citron de Vigne Unisex Perfume for Men and Women

Fresh has launched Citron de Vigne, a new unisex fragrance inspired by a trip Alina Roytberg (Fresh's co-founder) took to the Veuve Clicquot vineyards in France. The three-part, intoxicating, lemony and sweet collection was inspired by Veuve Clicquot's Grande Dame Champagne. Alina Roytberg, co-founder of Fresh, was invited to Reims, France for a tour of the grounds. It was there where she fell in love with the aroma of the grapes, corks and vineyards.

Lev Glazman, and the creative director of its perfumes, is responsible for scent works that range from the excellent, daring Cannabis Rose and Cannabis Santal — strong and challenging, as viscerally striking as a Richard Serra sculpture — to the mysterious, marvelous abstraction of Sake to the pretty, if somewhat demotic, literalism of Tangerine Lychee and Pomegranate Anise. Nothing wrong with the last of these; they are breathtakingly lovely. They simply elide into single-accord aromatherapy like a number of Jo Malone scents, and have a similar brief evanescence. Fresh has produced a few missteps, but its latest, Citron de Vigne, is a small jewel that returns the house to its strength. It’s a naturalistic beauty cut with artistry and the subtlest of ornamentation.

Like 98 percent of perfumes, the citrus is wrapping paper. You admire it, then rip it off with regret. With Fresh, the payoff is what lies underneath. This is not one of the stupendous wine perfumes, the Cabernet and Sauvignon fragrances someone will eventually produce. I have it on good authority that Glazman was aiming at the pinot noir grape, not the wine, and what is nicest about Vigne is that he nailed not only this excellent grape but, more, the pip inside. You know the juicy/woody/bitter flavor you get when you bite a grape seed? That’s a central piece of the structure here. The fruit plus the raw, wet sapling scent. This is the grape about to become wine.

Notes: An innovative heart note of pinot noir accord—comprised of bergamot, dark almond, musk, white sandalwood, and rose—is combined with bubbling citrus top notes and an earthy base in this unique, everyday scent. Additional notes include neroli, bitter orange, pink grapefruit, jasmine tea leaves, lemongrass, patchouli and amber.

Fresh Citron de Vigne is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum and in matching soap and candles.

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