Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Color Shine Collagen Lip Plump-The Secret To Beautiful Plump Lips

LipFusion Lip Plumper For Women-Secrets To Beautiful Plump Lips

LipFusion Lip Plumer has arrived! Finally a secret to plump, kissable lips. Introducing a new line of lip cosmetics, LipFusion is now one of the worlds top leading beauty product line. Beauty lies within Micro-Injected Collagen that plumps lips instantly and painlessly. Lips look and feel plumper, fuller, smoother.

How Does It Work?
Tiny, dehydrated, marine collagen micro spheres are instantly absorbed by the lips, and seek out the body's natural moisture. As soon as the spheres become re-hydrated, they plump and hold onto the moisture they've collected, creating a mild "swelling" of the lip tissue. The result is fuller, smoother, perfectly plumped lips in seconds. Results can last for up to 48 hours.

Make your gorgeous lips SHINE with LipFusion Micro -Injected Collagen Color Shine! With 18 different color shines, it's the next generation of lip plumpers. Get a vibrant pop of color and an infusion of gold with three new LipFusion Color Shine shades. Burst onto the scene in flushed pink Crave, juicy tangerine Boca Babe, and decadent golden bronze Goddess. It's the revolutionary technology that plumsp lips instantly!

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Get true definition with LipFusion's Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plumping Pencil. It's a revolutionary lip liner that visibly shapes, defines and plumps with patented micro-injected collagen! The only pencil to use the LipFusion technology smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and enhances lip contour for up to 6 hours. When you match your natural shades it maximizes your lip tones! A bright new way to plump up your pout and your smile! Beautiful smile enhancing pigments for Color Shines and Lip Plumping Pencils are designed to help counteract the yellowness in teeth, making them instantly brighter and whiter looking

For a maximum lip plump experience, try LipFusion's 2X Micro-Injected + HA advanced Lip Plumping Therapy! The most important thing you can do before bed is prepare to plump your pout, with the exciting new addition to the LipFusion family, LipFusionXL - 2X Micro-Injected Collagen + HA Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy. Swipe on and wake up to the most intensely plump, firm, hydrated, and full-out sexy lips you've ever known - naturally - and all in a night's sleep.

LipFusionXL is a non-injectable lip volumizing therapy that combines two times the pure active collagen of LipFusion's original plumpers with hyaluronic acid (HA), in one high-performance topical nighttime treatment. It transforms the unique micro-injected collagen technology into the most advanced plumping power found in a lip treatment.

Designed to work in synergy with the body's natural water, lips get optimal lip enhancement from two intense naturally-occurring fillers in one powerful, pout-perfecting formulation: Patented dehydrated marine collagen-filling spheres penetrate skin's surface on contact, then seek out body's natural water, and rehydrate to instantly plump and smooth lips.

As we age, the amount of HA produced in the skin is significantly reduced. Patented dehydrated hyaluronic acid-filling spheres have a remarkable, sponge-like absorbency that captures the body's natural water, causing spheres to swell a dramatic 50 times larger for maximum hydration and long term plumping effects. Once LipFusionXL is applied, lips swell continually for hours to visibly "fill" lines, boost volume, and keep lips lusciously moist. Plumped pouts look and feel fuller, smoother, and full on sexier.

Available in 0.29 oz

Gain a sexy shine with LipFusion's Plump + Replump Liquid Lipstick! it's the longwearing liquid lip color in one breakthrough re-plumper! Instantly plumps and hydrates using LipFusion's award-winning micro-injected collagen and HA technology. It reactivates with moisture (just lick your lips)! Smoothes, nourishes, creates contour and definition. LipFusion Plump+Replump Liquid Lipstick is available in 5 of nature's sexiest shades from barely-there nude to freshly flushed. Use in combination with all of LipFusion's award-winning formulas for a gorgeously full-out sexy pout that lasts day and night.

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