Babyliss Hair Setters by Babyliss Hair Stylers for Women

BABYLISS Pro Instant Heat 5 Jumbo (1-1/2 inch) Roller Hairsetter (Model: BABTS7) Leading Innovator in European Professional Products! Ceramic Core Generates Far Infrared Heat for Faster, Gentler Styling, Eliminates Damageing Hot Spots and Provides Maximum Heat Transfer.Babyliss Pro Instant Heat 5 Roller Ceramic Hair Setter Includes:(5) Jumbo Rollers (Size:1-1/2 inch)(5) Butterfly Clips(5) Metal ClipsFeatures:- Ultra Fast Heat Up- On/Off Indicator Light- On/Off Switch- Heat Ready Dot- Dual Voltage for Worldwide Use- Lightweight for Maximum Foot Lift- Soft Velvety Rollers is Comfortable in Use, Kind to Hair and Gives Good Grip

Features Babyliss Pro Ceramic 5 Jumbo Roller Set Hair Setter generates far infrared heat for faster and gentler styling. Bablyliss Pro Ceramic hair setter also eliminates damaging hot spots and provides maximum heat transfer. The soft flocked surface is comfortable to use to any kind of hair and gives better grip. 5 velvetly flocked jumbo rollers( 1 1/2" round) 5 butterfly clips and 5 color-coated metal clips Ceramic core generates far-infrared heat for faster-styling Ultra Fast Heat-Up Lightweight for Maximum Root Lift.

BaByliss PRO Ceramic 20 Roller Setter

Want sexy waves or tight curls? BaByliss Ceramic Pro Hair setter can help you achieve any and all curly looks without damaging your hair.

The BaByliss PRO 20 roller set with far infrared heat gives you faster, gentler styling. Eliminates damaging hot spots and provides maximum heat transfer.


-8 large, 6 medium and 6 small rollers
-Soft velvety surface of the roller is comfortable in use, kind to hair and gives good grip
-20 butterfly clips
-20 metal pins
-On/off indicator light
-Heat ready dot tells you when unit is heated up
-2 Year limited warranty

BaByliss Pro 30 Roller Setter

Create soft, lasting curls with the BaBylissPro 30 Roller set. Four different color-coded roller sizes help to create a multitude of styling options. Super clips are included in a convenient storage pouch to secure the rollers during styling.


-30 tangle-free rollers with stay-cool ribbed ends:
-6 small (3/4")
-8 medium(1")
-8 large (1 ")
-8 jumbo (1 ")

Product Features:

-Color coded rollers for quick and easy selection
-2 temperature settings (standby/in use)
-15 super clips with handy storage pouch included
-Double insulated housing maintains professional temperatures - no lid required
-On/Off indicator light
-2 year limited warranty

Styling Guide:

-Section hair and comb through so it's smooth
-Place ends of hair on roller and wind towards scalp
-Roll up hair firmly and place super clip over roller
-Leave rollers in your hair until they have cooled
-Remove super clip while holding roller in one hand. Gently drop roller (do not pull) and let curl spring back into position.
-Let curls cool for one minute then style your hair.
-The firmness of the curl is regulated by the length of time the roller is left in your hair.
-For firmer curls, leave rollers in hair until they are completely cool (about 20 minutes).
-For soft, curvy curls, leave rollers in hair for a shorter period of time

BaByliss PRO Ceramic Roller 12 Hair Setter


-6 large, 6 jumbo curlers
-12 butterfly clips
-12 metals pins
-Product Features:

-Soft velvety surface is comfortable to use, kind to your hair, and gives a good grip
-On/off switch with indicator light
-Ceramic Core:
-Generates far infrared heat for faster, gentler styling
-Eliminates damaging hot spots
-Provides maximum heat transfer
-High Speed Rollers
-Ultra fast heat-up
-12 gentle velvety rollers
-12 butterfly clips
-12 metal clips
-Lightweight for maximum root lift

Babyliss PRO Ceramic and Ionic Hair Setter

Now you can create tight ringlets or sexy tousled waves with one set of curlers! Plus, the new BaByliss Pro Ceramic hair setter uses ion technology to counteract frizz and rejuvenate your hair with shine.

The BaByliss Professional 30 roller set will have you creating breathtaking curls in minutes. This professional hairsetter features gentle ceramic and ionic technology to generate far infrared heat that eliminates hot spots to provide maximum heat transfer. Includes a fabulous assortment of small, medium, large, and jumbo sized rollers, you can create curls of every size.

Product Features:

-Ceramic and Ionic curlers for smooth beautiful results
-Ceramic provides maximum heat transfer
-5 Minute ultra fast heat up
-30 Professional easy-grip ceramic rollers in assorted sizes
-8 jumbo - 1 1/2 inch Rollers
-8 large - 1 1/4 inch Rollers
-8 medium - 1 inch Rollers
-6 small - 3/4 inch Rollers
-Dual ionic ports emit million of negative ions automatically
-2 professional temperature settings: Standby/In Use
-15 butterfly clips with handy storage pouch
-Saves space! Space saving folding arm allows for vertical positioning
-Far infrared heat for faster, gentler styling!
-No damaging "hot spots" when styling, thanks to the ceramic rollers
-Ultra fast heat-up: rollers are ready to use in about 5 minutes!
-Vertically split cover for easy roller access
-Shiny frizz free results
-Storage pouch
-On/Off indicator light
-2 Year limited warranty

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