Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte by Chanel Perfume for Women

Many great fears have waited upon this Cristalle, one of Chanel's most revered lines. From Cristalle Eau Aromatic being questioned in its aromacy, Eau Citrus, Rose, and Bleu which appear to have been forgotten, and Cristalle Facettes whose fate is unknown by all. But hope is not lost for this precious line, as we bring you Cristalle Eau Verte, the fragrance of green crystal. Prepare yourself for an indulgence in elegancy, nature, and the quickened passion of life. Find yourself Rejuvenated in Cristalle Eau Verte, as you are adulated by others for the presence of warmth and optimism you will command at the turn of every corner. Life is green, and the satisfying notes of Cristalle Eau Verte will make you feel the part.

The first impressions of Cristalle Eau Verte will astound, followed by impressions that humble and relieve you, and with this fair mix of ambient conconctions, rest assured the pleasure you have been waiting for has arrived. Cristalle Eau Verte first tantalizes you with a revitalizing green open, with a back lying sensation of delightful citrus. Noted with bergamot, jasmine, white flowers, Sicilian lemon and magnolia accord, which all combine to form and aromatic banquet of pleasures that will spark immediate fond reminescencing of exhilirating child hood play. Hold no doubts or fears, as you embrace the most enduring fragrance yet to emerge from Chanel, Cristalle Eau Verte.

Caribbean Magnolia, Lemon, Bergamot
White Flowers
Jasmine, Amber, Musk

The deeper you delve into this profound mixture, the more will you become anamored with the indescribable allure of Cristalle Eau Verte. A revamped 1970's design that still supercedes the bounds of time to bring a scent that is relevant, and modern to the youth, astounds and emboldens us for each recurring day. Brought to you in a classically Chanel flacon that expresses no need for excessive embellishment and detail, promising you the quality of content over the belittling of enterprise. So let us give thanks to Chanel, and to creator Jacques Polge, for delivering us from austerity, with this 100ml Eau De Toilette.

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