Donna Karan DKNY Men 2009 by Donna Karan Cologne for Men

Rebellion has always been part of the spirit of human nature. When you feel rebellious, or adventurous, where is it you will turn? If 2009 is your year, then its very likely you'll turn to DKNY Men 2009, the remarkable new fragrance from DKNY. DKNY Men 2009 offers you the ability to express the vivacity and strength you exude throughout your city and the workplace, made for a man that follows his own rules and lives by his own designs, wether you ben the entrepreneur of tomorrow or the freelancer of today, if you like standing on your own two feet, rest assured DKNY Men 2009 is the fragrance for you.

DKNY Men, brought to you by perfumers Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas, presents a dazzling, "urban" sensation that one will find unmistakable at the first application. Containing brilliant mixes of mandarin, sage, bergamot, white pepper, juniper, lavender, hasmine, cardamom, cedar, violet leafe, orris, jasmine, patchouki and vetiver, you'll find this delightful fragrance as comprehensive as the city you wish to conquer is. Providing notes to meet every atmosphere, DKNY Men will be a fragrance you can utilize to meet all oncoming challengers, be they opposing, or feminine.

DKNY is the fragrance of choice for 2009, so as you may expect, DKNY has done everything in their power to make it play the part. Brought to you in a powerful, mighty flacon, squared in completeness to represent the prowess and facade of the largest buildings in your fair city, bolstered by a black band stopper wrapped around a stainless steel finish. This is everything you require, and nothing you do not. DKNY Men 2009. Be Bold. Be Fearless.

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