Fresh Impact by Adidas Cologne for Men

Isn't it time you you felt a new impact in your life? Then let your wait be relieved, as Adidas reveals Fresh Impact, the all new fragrance for men. This vibrant new mixture provides a veritable treasure trove of harmonizing scents, which are achieved through the combined mixtures of after deodorant spray, bath, and shaving product which provide a trail for every bout of agility, from the field to the office!

Designed by Harry Fremont, Fresh Impact upon first application, will provide you with an exhilirating allure of tangy, freshly watered greenery, which you will find deepened by the underlying effects of the sweet ginger, and crushed nutmeg which solidify the fragrance.

Green leaves, citruses
Ginger, nutmeg
Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean

This startling collection, now made available to you with a 50ml eau de toilette, and additional assortments which includes 150 ml after shave, 150 ml deo spray, and a 250ml bath, will be the deciding factor of your day, if success truly comes in pair with fragrance!

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