Guerlain Les Secrets de Sophie Trio by Guerlain Perfume for Women

The beauty of sparkling floral makes a red carpet premiere this Fall when Guerlain's launches their newest scent trio, Les Secrets de Sophie (Sophie's Secret) for women. It is said to capture the essence of Jasmine and violet; two florals that distinguish femininity. Les Secrets de Sophie yields as sweet, girly white floral that offers a secret indulgence of luxury. Guerlain Les Secrets de Sophie is nothing short of beautiful. It's deep, rich oriental elements compliment it's floral counterparts with a wonderful feature of green violet. You'll crave the elegance of modern sophistication with Les Secrets de Sophie.

Your first impression of Les Secrets de Sophie will photograph an aroma of white floral and hibiscus that carry you away into wonderland. Peony and orange blossom introduce you to neroli; this is the perfume's potent state. Jean Paul Guerlain masters the etiquette of Les Secrets de Sophie with an extravagant burst of jasmine and a dazzling hint of spice. It's old fashioned, it's sensual. It's displays the perfect amount of sweet florals. That's why Les Secrets de Sophie is surely a rare fragrance never before created by Guerlain.

Grain Oil, Bitter Orange, Neroli from Tunisia, Bergamot
Jasmine, Violet Leaves, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang
Tonka, Vanilla, Incense, White Musk

Les Secrets de Sophie comes to you in three classic Guerlain fragrance bottles. Each bottle is hand chosen in a 60ml Eau de Parfum. Les Secrets Noirs de Sophie indentifies with a cute black sticker, bow ribbon and atomizer. Les Secrets Poudres de Sophie has pink details. Les Secrets Nuits de Sophie is decorated with a lovely white sticker and gold accessories. The Les Secrets de Sophie Trio reveals soft hidden fantasies and embraces the desire locked in a woman's eye.

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