Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musk, Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk by Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Women, Cologne for Men

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musk, Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk by Narciso Rodriguez

Beauty is often considered to be in the eye of the beholder. But to Narciso Rodriguez, beauty is found in one proper place. In the eye of anyone who feels the true nature of beauty. What is this nature? Find out for yourself, in his marvelous new companion pieces Narciso Rodrigues for Her Musk and Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk. Inspired by the divine unity shared between homme and femme, prepare to be eraptured, rather from the receiving or delivering end of both these elegant, sophisticated fragrances that express the essence of nature the way it was meant to be viewed. Welcome to Adam and Eve revisited through these two marvelous fragrances, Narciso Rodrigues for Her Musk and Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musk by Narciso Rodriguez

It is often said Narciso Rodriguez found his true inspiration through the feminine itself, expressing and celebrating their chracteristic beauty, style, and boundless compassion, and ultimately the gift of their supreme sensuality made it impossible to deny what it was he wished to truly express through the template of scent. And he has not failed, as Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musk provides us with a marvelous, flawless scent of passion, sincerity, and a unique essence of feminine grace that can only be described as, marvelous.

Narciso Rodriguez conveys this powerful ode to the divine feminine, through a variation of amiable means, which all ultimately result in an elaboration of character and amiability, through the finesse of complexion and utter wonder. With such passionate notes as orange blossoms, jasmine, ylang-ylang and as the name implies, a delicate musk for the feminine while powerful and dominant, still finds a way to maintain its light hearted staying sensation while reliving you of its initial wave of decadent delights. Resulting in a supremely comfortable musk supplement for any elegant collection, through the wonder which is Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musk.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Musk design completes its ultimate journey, through the beautiful and near divine flacon control it bears. Contained within a marvelously straight-edged glass flacon and sheer-iced surroundings it appears that some unknown, holy fluid is retained that is far too thick to be a perfume, until it is expressed and dazzles you with its tenaciously delectable scent. Emboldened with a sharp, black stopper it represents supreme confidence and sophistication through the joys of the feminine.

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk by Narciso Rodriguez

It is not easy to capture the essence of male masculinity. Many have tried and failed, and luckily, we won't be counting Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk in the same category. No, for Narciso Rodriguez has done it again to bring you the finest in male musk fragrances, equally classical upon its feminine counterpart. This one hits upon all the notches of elegance, style, and true male sophistication and confidence. And also competence, as the dark undertones of Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk takes you on the more dominant side of the male masculine.

Made with the intention of capturing pure masculinity, male modernism, and devout charisma, Narciso Rodriguez breaks the mold of typical musk to deliver you a pure, masterful delight. Composed of the finest materials, prepare to become the lead of every conversation and direction, as others become subconsciously aware of orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and the powerful central notes of red berries fused with irish and musk. Coming together to form a supreme compilation of power, desire, and conformity, all derived through one insatiable brand. Narciso Rodriguez's, Narciso Rodriguez for Him Musk, limited edition.

So you will have no doubts when we state, that Narciso Rodriguez is truly the musk to center any of your fragrance collections. This provacative new fragrance comes to you in a flacon equally deserving of the splendor and accord we grant the title, as it is composed of a simplistic, yet powerful design. You will observe the strong square shaped glass ending in a thick base, entitled with the name is boldened letters directly in the center, adorned with a shining black stopper of near half thickness that will make you feel the weight, and gravity, of the profoundly powerful new musk which is Narciso Rodriguez.

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