Porsche Design The Essence Intense by Porsche Design Cologne for Men

Sleek. Sexy. Original.

How would you capture the essence of a sports car? How can you master exquisite taste and liquify pure luxury? Well, this November Porsche Design has created an untamed masterpiece. Introducing The Essence Intense by Porsche Design Cologne for Men. The Essence Intense for men is a follow up to Porsche's fragrance, The Essence, launched last year. The only way to describe this fragrance experience is through class and sophistication.

The Essence Intense for men is a reinterpretation of the first fragrance, intensified by the richness of woody-amber harmonies. The tonic freshness characterizing the initial scent has been kept. In contrast, its aromatic and woody facets have been intensified with added notes, which affirm its personality and provide a longerlasting trail of scent.

Drive yourself to a place where masculinity and desire fuel your mind and let yourself go to juniper berries and black pepper. A quick dash of cinnamon leads you to an unexpected tunnel of sweet mandarin and myrtle. Rare siberian pine wraps around haitian vetiver in a sentimental journey of musks and deep woods. Surround your senses with the Essence Intense. The intense experience built for a man that drives women wild. The Essence Intense is for the man on the prowl. It's for a man with drive.
Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Juniper Berry
Mandarin, Vanilla
Siberian Pine, Haitian Vetiver, Myrtle, Musk

The Essence Intense by Porsche Design has a philosophy in both scent and its frosted black glass and satin black brushed aluminum bottle. The Essence Intense is available in an exclusive eau de toilette. The bottle of The Essence has been designed by the Porsche Design Studio. For the new fragrance it has been redone entirely in black. Its imposing black glass prism is matte, restrained and elegant. The satiny black, brushed-aluminum used for the frame provides an exciting contrast. Porsche Design thus remains true to its distinctive design vocabulary and once again puts its faith in the use of challenging materials. The shape of the bottle refers closely to its function. It has neither a lid nor an annoying bottle top. It's designed perfect, one of the many advantages of holding a Porsche in your palm.

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