Valentino Rock`n Dreams by Valentino Perfume for Women

Lights on stage. Camera at the center. Power to the amp.

And the waves consume you. This is the power of Rock N' Roll. And now it has been infused into a scent that is undeniable, yet transcends the roll to the sweet lull of sleep that will make you feel young and ageless all at the same time. Valentino presents, Rock N' Dreams. This incredible fragrance is the fourth in the Rock'n collection, which were as follows, Rock 'n Rose, Rock n' Rose Couture, and most recently Rock 'n Rose Prêt-à-Porte.

This powerful, floating silk transforms in your senses upon first detection, bringing upon a brilliant sensation of peach, cinnamon, woods, vanilla, and the long religiously inclined scent of myrrhone, scientifically altered to provide the perfect stabilizing factor to this already enigmatic fragrance.

Cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg
Mytthone, walnut
Cedar wood, amber, musk

Combine these attributes, with the remarkably fascinating globe flacon, stopped with a beautiful falcon-edged motive of the purest white makes this incredible fragrance as tantalizing to the eyes as it will undoubtedly be to the senses. Available now in 30, 50, and 90 ml Ea De Parfum, it is well within your interest to pick this one up before the sun goes down.

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