Yves Saint Laurent Elle Shocking by Yves Saint Laurent Perfume for Women

Yves Saint Laurent Elle Shocking

Striking Female. Suprising Woman. Electric Madomoisselle. This is the provocative measure guaranteed by Yves Saint Laurent in their new masterpiece, Elle Shocking.

Each touch and sensuous drop upon your skin will electrify the senses, as sparks rivet every angel of your body through the governing breezes, take hold of your destiny, in this riveting delight. This sensitive version of Elle Eau de Parfum, or Elle Intense and Elle Summer, will break the molds and preconceptions of light hearted sensations, in a shocking revelation.

As these sparks inundate your senses, you will be delicately overwhelmed by the thrilling notations of jasmine, the delicate spray of raspberry, a quivering droplet of musk, the unenduring passion of cedar, the revolutionary paling of mandarin and so very much more.

Raspberry, citrus, mandarine, bergamot
rose, green nuances
Jasmine, musk, cedar wood,

Coming to you in a variation of 30, 50, and 90 ml Eau De Toilette, expect nothing but magnificence, as you take harmony with the thunder in the storm. Elle Shocking.

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