Joop! Wolfgang Joop Freigeist by Joop! Cologne for Men

"My goodness, what a heavy word for a light scent." - Stefanie Fitzgerald VP of Marketing for Coty Prestige

A new kind of Joop! sets the stage this February 2010 as 2008's Wolfgang Joop cologne gets a second signature fragrance for men! It's called Wolfgang Joop Freigeist and it was created in association with Coty Prestige. This unusual composition expresses the free spirit within every man. During the finalization of Wolfgang Joop Freigeist, Joop said, "What a difficult word for a light fragrance." The German name Freigeist translates into free thinker. The Joop! label includes successes such as Joop! Homme, Nightlife, Jump, Go and Thrill, Electric Heat and Femme by Joop! for women. (See)

Wolfgang Joop Freigeist's perfumers Sophie Labbe, Alionor Massenet and Alienor Massenet of International Flavors and Fragrances, decided upon an unusual union of uplifting aromas that incorporate top notes of gin. A feature note in Wolfgang Joop Freigeist for men. It's masculine heart showcases a wild heart of jasmine while a strong base descends into leather and mahogany. Take a stern carriage into freedom with Wolfgang Joop Freigeist by Joop! for men.

Wild Jasmine
Wild leather, Mahogany Wood

An assortment of Wolfgang Joop Freigeist by Joop! includes 50 and 90ml eau de toilette, 90ml after shave, 200ml body and hair bath and 75ml deodorant stick. Wolfgang Joop Freigeist is inspired by the style of the Bauhaus. The petrol blue bottle was designed by Lutz Hermann, similar to it's orange antecedent signature fragrance. Beauty comes in variety according to Joop! The Wolfgang Joop Freigeist ad campainge suggests a variety of men and women in all shapes and sizes, including a watercolor painting on it's outer carton.

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