New Czech & Speake Dark Rose Cologne for Men

New Czech & Speake Dark Rose Cologne for Men

Czech & Speake Dark Rose is a fragrance that is certain to surprise!

Layering roses with vanilla and sweet notes seems like a natural pairing, and it has been done to the extent that it is refreshing to discover a fragrance that takes the flower and accents its woody, spicy and raw aspects. Experiencing the smoke and incense anointed layers of Dark Rose makes one understand why in the Middle Eastern tradition roses are endowed with masculine traits.

Dark Rose makes one discover the rarely exploited aspect of rose, its thorns, thus separating Dark Rose from the sweet and pretty rose compositions. Admittedly, Dark Rose is not the best rose of the nocturnal genre, but its story still remains novel and its execution intriguing.

The medicinal pungency of saffron, its vibrant hues cutting through the potential sweetness of rose, is a first hint that Dark Rose will not take the direction of frilly and girly. The woody notes intersperse the rose liqueur filling the composition, with a touch of spice setting it aflame. Dark Rose is reminiscent of Montale Aoud fragrances based around rose, however while Montale executes the theme in a manner that I find not unlike being subjected to loud music in extremely close quarters, Dark Rose has more subtlety. Nevertheless, the richness of aoud, the equivalent of being draped in several layers of heavy silk, remains dense and dark.

The rose is unlikely to conjure soft petals and dewy blossoms, instead hinting at the woody stalk and earth covered roots that support the beautiful flower. The density lightens as the composition develops, leaving a matte veil of woods behind, its warmth comforting and rich. It manages to be alluring without striking the same chords as the more conventional orchestrations tend to do.

Czech & Speake Dark Rose is a truly original fragrance that takes its influence and ingredients from the traditions of Indo-Arabian perfumery and heritage. An exciting blend of the most mesmerising essential oils, Dark Rose has a spicy top note of saffron which has been blended with aged wood, sandalwood, rose and white amber to create a rich, long lasting, balsamic heart to this indulgent fragrance.

Czech & Speake Dark Rose is available in 100 ml Cologne Spray

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