New D.S. and Durga Debut Fragrances Perfume for Women Cologne for Men

D.S. & Durga is a new Brooklyn-based indie perfume line that debuted last year:
D.S. & Durga began humbly in December of 2007 when they decided to make holiday gifts for their friends. D.S., a musician, & Durga, an architect, first experimented with tinctures of flowers, herbs, & seeds to make aftershaves & toners. When they realized that none of their friends shaved, they decided to begin blending oils, resins, & plant extracts. The results were small batch handmade colognes & perfumes. Their friends loved the results, so they decided to make it official. Within months they were selling to boutiques in New York & California.
D.S. & D make everything by hand. They have been known to distill some of their own oils, but also procure the best perfume ingredients from around the world. They are inspired by the lore of herbs & flowers and their importance in the fields of medicine, beauty & gastronomy.

The "Originals" collection for Women includes:

Siberian Snow: "A new take on a classic. Sweet herbs support this rare, narcotic floral which dries out to a woody, powdery base."

My Indian Childhood: "Culled from memories of India through the eyes of a young ex-pat. A harmonious blend of tropical flowers - osmanthus & kewda."

Cowgirl Grass: "Our earthy men's fragrance reblended with damask rose & luscious creamy tuberose. Great for robbing cowboys of their will."

Silent Grove: "Clean, fresh, crisp with green, dew-on-grass tones. Notes of cedar, white tea, and linden."

Rosa Americana: "A welcome addition to the queen of flowers, focusing on the winey sweet air above the rose, the green stems & thorns. Simple, fresh & attracting."

The "Originals" collection for Men includes:

Cowboy Grass: "A scent of wild grasses & flowering herbs. Earthy and slightly smoky. Pure Haitian vetiver, white thyme, and prairie sage brush evoke the wild American west. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback."

Bear Trapper: "Modified from a 16th century Russian alchemist's potion used to attract bears. A blend of cedarwood, tarragon, and Japanese yuzu complemented by leather notes and mandarin peel. Ours attracts other beasts."

Barbados: "For men who work hard to relax. Based on a classic bay rhum. A vacation of warm spices - bay, nutmeg, and lime - softened by premium Mysore sandalwood & linden blossoms."

Marblehead Reds: "Old men in coastal New England town like Marblehead, MA sport red pants and smell of chypre - the classic marriage of oakmoss & bergamot. This version gets an extra lift from orange blossoms."

$: "For the modern man. A classy blend of tuberose, musk, leather, and tonka. All things money. When you dress money, you should smell money. "

Burning Barbershop: "A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, NY in 1891. All the shaving tonics with their spearmint, lime, and vanilla and lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this. "

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