New Hermès Vanille Galante Perfume for Women

New Hermès Vanille Galante Perfume for Women

Created by Jean Claude Ellena, Hermès has introduced Vanille Galante. This delicious fragrance uses vanilla instead of vanillin and gives a whole new approach to vanilla perfumes. Vanille Galante is based on a "superb vanilla absolute and a high dose of that ylang-ylang from the same tropics that one could already find in 24 Faubourg, one of the more ancient successes of the house." Vanille Galante opens with a lovely, soft lily note. The intriguing touch is the merest whiff of salty, of savoury, upon opening, facet that is used in haute patisserie to enhance the flavour and balance the sweeter aspects, foiled into a lightly spicy one (comparable to how the innnermost stemons of white lilies smell) taking flight onto a mist of salicylates for diffusion (ylang ylang naturally encompasses benzyl salicylate and eugenol). The play is between spicy flowers, yellow flowers and anisic ones. The slight greeness, almost filled with watery liquid, note of jasmine vine is soon engulfed by a finespun suntan, powdery musky* and smoky balletic move.Vanille Galante is not only graceful, but terrifically gracious as well, offering a glimpse of warm sun and fleshy, smooth shoulders in the heart of winter.

Vanille Galante forms part of the Hermessences collection is accordingly available in a 100ml/3.4oz bottle or as a travel set of 4 smaller flacons of 15ml/0.5oz each.

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