Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaners by GiGI Pro Hair Removal Formula

Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaners by GiGI Pro Hair Removal Formula

The number one brand in hair removal formulas has arrived at! Introducing the Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaners ! GiGi Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaner products include a complete line of Soft and Hard Waxes, Pre and Post Waxing Products, and Waxing Accessories. With GiGi's high quality waxing formulas and wide range of waxes, they have a wax to meet your every need! GiGi is sold in Spas, Salons, and Beauty Supply Stores Nationwide. The #1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Beauty Industry.

Bikini Soothing Cream 3 oz.
Bikini Soothing Cream is a topical analgesic cream that relieves bumps, ingrown hairs, redness, or other discomforts resulting from any type of hair removal procedure. The rich emollients and tropical oils in Bikini Soothing Cream soothes and moisturizes the freshly treated skin and also removes wax residue leaving skin clean, smooth, and silky.

Wax Off  Wax Off gently removes all traces of wax from the skin. It is enriched with aloe vera and essential oils to moisturize as it cleans. It leaves the skin soft and silky.

Slow Grow 8 oz.

GiGi Slow Grow Maintenance Lotion is a fast absorbing non greasy formula that retards hair growth . Used daily, this pure efficacious lotion conditions skin to help it retain its natural, youthful appearance. Enriched with emollients to smooth, soothe and condition the skin. Absorbs on contact.

Keep It Bare 2 oz.
For the Face
Safe, effective & natural. Keep it bare for the face minimizes the reappearance of unwanted hair after any method of body hair removal. Exfoliates & moisturizes the skin. Use GiGi Keep it Bare in conjunction with professional waxing, tweezing, sugaring, or electrolysis. The need for hair removal will decrease after each session.

Keep It Bare 4 oz.

For the Body and LegsMade with natural fruit enzymes, GiGi Keep It Bare is a safe, effective and natural hair growth inhibitor. Helps prevent the reappearance of unwanted hair after any method of body hair removal. Keep It Bare exfoliates the skin, while a special blend of conditioners leave your skin soft, smooth and silky to the touch.

Sure Clean

Sure Clean All Purpose Cleaner is a fast and effective no-rinse formula. It is perfect for cleansing and maintaining the GiGi Honee Warmer as well as most salon surfaces. This truly all purpose cleaner removes tough soils, grease, crayons, lipstick, resins and wax from carpets, floors, upholstery and clothing.

Pre-Epilation Oil 4 oz.

A perfect compliment for use with all types of hard wax. This light-weight oil creates a barrier between hard wax and the skin. Hard wax adheres to the hair but not to the skin. The Pre-Epilation oil also contains moisturizers to protect and condition the skin. A prefect match for the GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax!

No Bump Body Treatment> 4 oz.

This treatment product is specially formulated to smooth, soothe and calm the skin after any method of hair removal. GiGi No Bump Body Treatment is ideal for both men and women for the elimination of ingrown hair, bumps, razor burn, redness or other skin irritations associated with shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolysis. GiGi No Bump Body Treatment works quickly, effectively and gently.

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October 11, 2010 at 2:06 PM

yeah I've heard from a friend that GiGi product is the best hair removal product so far! Soon, I'll try their brazilian bikini wax kit! I hope I get a good result :)


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