Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaners by GiGI Pro Hair Removal Formula

Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaners by GiGI Pro Hair Removal Formula

The number one brand in hair removal formulas has arrived at! Introducing the Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaners ! GiGi Bikini Waxing Treatments, Lotions, and Cleaner products include a complete line of Soft and Hard Waxes, Pre and Post Waxing Products, and Waxing Accessories. With GiGi's high quality waxing formulas and wide range of waxes, they have a wax to meet your every need! GiGi is sold in Spas, Salons, and Beauty Supply Stores Nationwide. The #1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Beauty Industry.

Epilating Lotion Pre-Pack
All the lotions you need for all waxing services.

Contains one 2 ounce bottle of each;
-1 Pre-Hon Pre Epilation Cleansing Lotion, removes all traces of make-up, oils and deodorant on the skin.
-1-Wax Off, removes wax residue and moisturizes the skin at the same time.
-1 After wax cooling gel, enriched with menthol and cucumber, reduces redness and calms the skin.
-1 Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion, is a daily conditioner to inhibit hair growth.

After Wax Cooling Gel
After Wax Cooling Gel contains menthol and cucumber to cool the skin and reduce redness. It naturally moisturizes and nourishes the skin with aloe vera and glycerin.

Post Epilation Lotion
Post Epilation Lotion is a rich cleansing lotion developed to be used after the epilation process. Not only does it remove excess Honee and refine pores, it also contains natural conditioners that smooth and soften the skin.

After Wax Skin Concealer 8 oz.
Benzokal Skin Concealer is formulated to calm the skin immediately after epilation. It soothes the skin with creamy emollients and allantoin while concealing redness.

Skin Calming Lotion 2 oz.
Skin Calming Lotion is formulated with aloe vera and vitamins C and E. It soothes skin irritation and inflammation with 1% Hydrocortisone. It helps heal, moisturize and condition the skin after hair removal for a smooth, soft finish. It absorbs within moments.

Pre-Epilation Dusting Powder 4.5 oz.
Formulated to remove excess oils from the skin, allowing for a more effective epilating procedure. This fragrance free formula leaves the skin dry for more efficient epilation.

Anesthetic Skin Numbing Spray 1.5 oz.
A topical Lidocaine based anesthetic spray that penetrates the surface of the skin numbing the area to be epilated within minutes. This product can be used as a pre-wax treatment or applied after waxing for instant pain relief. Takes the sting out of waxing! For waxing any part of the face, spray product onto a cloth, cotton ball or swab then apply.

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