GiGi Bikini Wax by GiGI Pro Hair Removal Formula

GiGi Bikini Wax by GiGI Pro Hair Removal Formula

The number one brand in hair removal formulas has arrived at! Introducing the GiGI Pro Kits and Brazilian Waxes! GiGi Professional bikini waxing products include a complete line of Soft and Hard Waxes, Pre and Post Waxing Products, and Waxing Accessories. With GiGi's high quality waxing formulas and wide range of waxes, they have a wax to meet your every need! GiGi is sold in Spas, Salons, and Beauty Supply Stores Nationwide. The #1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Beauty Industry.

Non-Strip formula for sensitive and delicate areas. This new formulation was designed specifically for a very thorough bikini waxing -- where every bit of hair is removed except for a thin strip in the front. The skin in this area is sensitive and delicate, yet the hair can be extremely coarse. GiGi’s BrazilianBody Hard Wax provides the most effective Brazilian waxing service possible.No Muslin strips needed.

GiGi Hemp Wax 13 oz.New! GiGi Hemp Wax is the newest addition to the GiGi soft wax line. Hemp is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis Sativa, a drug-free hemp derivative rich in Essential Fatty Acids, locks in moisture.This balanced, gentle, aromatic blend is pleasing to the senses and is perfect for all skin types. Clients will leave the salon feeling silky smooth, hydrated and less irritated after waxing services.For use with muslin strips.

Azulene Wax 13 oz.

Specifically Formulated to Calm and Soothe. A new soft wax specifically intended to calm and soothe the skin during and after the hair removal process. GiGi’s new moisturizing formula will minimize redness and leave skin soft and conditioned while its faint, clean scent is pleasing to the senses. Formulated with Azulene Oil, a derivative of the chamomile plant family with proven anti-inflammatory properties, GiGi Azulene Wax will benefit all skin types and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. In fact, Azulene Oil has been used for centuries for its restorative properties – now, GiGi brings the benefits of this healing oil to you in a soft wax. Use this wax on your more sensitive areas such as the upper lip, chin, underarm, bikini-line, and eyebrow. For use with muslin strips.

All Purpose Honee  14 oz.>All Purpose Honee is an all natural formula developed to remove unwanted hair. Gentle enough for delicate areas. This all-natural honey wax instantly leaves skin sleek, smooth and hair free. GiGi All Purpose Honee is the #1 wax in the world, the standard by which all others are judged. For use with muslin strips.

Formulated with Cocoa Seed Extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, great for sensitive skin. The luscious chocolate aroma creates an aromatic waxing experience. Smells divine!! For use with muslin strips.

An all-natural honey wax ideal for all skin types. It is formulated with coffee extract that acts as a potent antioxidant to promote healthy skin. This specialized aromatic wax has an invigorating aroma that awakens the senses and stimulates mind and body. Soap and water clean-up! For use with muslin strips.

Crème Wax 14 oz.

Crème Wax is a smooth crème formula recommended for sensitive skin types. Crème Wax conditions the skin when applied and leaves the skin silky. Crème Wax melts at medium temperatures. For use with muslin strips.

Sugar Bare 18 oz.

All natural and water soluble. This pure cane sugar formula heats at a medium temperature for greater skin comfort.
Soap and water are all that's needed to remove any wax residue. For use with muslin strips.

Tea Tree Crème Wax 14 oz.

Antiseptic Formula. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil, which is widely known for its soothing and healing properties. Tea Tree Crème Wax protects the skin from dryness and irritation, leaving skin touchably soft after each waxing session. For use with muslin strips.

Facial Honee 14 oz.

GiGi Facial Honee is Extremely gentle & effective waxing formula developed for use on sensitive facial areas. Ideal for upper lip, chin, cheeks, eyebrows & hairline. For use with muslin strips.

All Purpose Wax Warmer

A durable pot bikini wax warmer designed for all day use with a thermostatically controlled heating system. Melts all types of wax and features a temperature control knob and indicator with low, medium and high settings for ideal bikini waxing temperature. See-through cover prevents wax contamination. 6 month limited warranty from manufacturer.

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