Thierry Mugler Angel Liqueur de Parfum by Thierry Mugler

If you dream of clouds, then you probably dream of angels, and if you dream of angels, then you must've been near the dazzling, luxurious scent of Angel Liquer by Thierry Mugler. Few forms of liquid evoke as much passion as the liquers, so it is befitting that this intoxicating conconction was created with century old aging techniques in cherrywood barrels, until the most angelic and flawless levels of scent were formed. Close your eyes, purse your lips, and feel the decadent inebriation, the triste de opulence of Angel Liquer de Parfum.

And because the scent only completes half the package, Thierry Mugler held no expense in presenting you the ultimate accomodation to any collection that is to be deemed, excellent. The flacon is shaped as to the cut of a flawless amethyst, purest in all the worlds rawest metals, and embridles with a brilliant, shining star stopper that brings to mind the luxury of diamonds and the opulence of royalty.

Packed in a black-silver outer carton, this amazing fragrance is an exercise in style and ultra-elegance. Available in 30 ml eau de parfum for a price that refuses to scratch the level of expertise, and flawless execution with which this inebriating daze filled liquer is produced. I dream of angels. And I awaken to Angel Liquer de Parfum.

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