Young Sexy Lovely Couture Collection 2009 by Yves Saint Laurent Perfume for Women

Rebirth is as much a part of life as passing. And as we mourn the passomg the 2008 collection of YSL's Couture Collection 2008, we embrace with open arms this riveting 2009 release by Yves Saint Laurent. The perfume suitable for queens and princesses alike, the expanse of this exciting new fragrance is limited only by the mileage your feet decides to carry you by. With a lasting, and delicate fragrance that will make heads turn then follow, the every day occassion perfume has finally arrived.

Each breath you inhale from without will stabilize all senses, as they begin to adapt to the rushing, flowing scent of cherry blossoms, magnolias, italian mandarin, black currant, and the organic delight of pear, combined with a hesitant base of musk, amber, and cedar. Each delicate ingredient will mix with the fresh air to deliver you into a state of near-nirvana, and you will find yourself questioning why you hadn't picked the bottle up sooner.

Cherry blossom, magnolias, italian mandarin
Back currant, pear
Musk, amber, cedar

In a stylish, almost fruit like appearance, the new flacon will make one reminisce of old loves, and the new ones to be seduced by the sweet, subtle pheramones that lie therein. In a 50 ml eau de toilette, rest assured this is what you've been patiently waiting for.

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