Ralph Lauren Polo Red White & Blue by Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men

American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, has reconstructed his 1978 signature Polo fragrance with a new scent inspired by winter in the outdoors. It's called Polo Red White & Blue for men, a luminous composition of fresh, icy notes that challenge the pleasures aroused in every man. According to the brand, Polo Red White & Blue is a "crisp tonic that reaches beyond the frozen limits of icy peaks and captures the exhilaration of snowy extremes. A cooler variation of Polo Blue, Polo Red, White & Blue exudes pure strength, freshness and instant vibrancy." Polo Red White & Blue engages in a blend of aromatic scents unlike the distinctive pine scent that entails the original Polo for men.

"Embrace the chill and discover the thrill..."

Red Apple, Cucumber
Sage, Lavender Tonic
White Woods, White Musks

Embrace yourself as you embark on a thrilling adventure through zesty red apples and fresh cucumber. Polo Red White & Blue for men posses intense bursts of sage and lavender that decent on a base of blonde wood and white musk. What a rush! Ralph Lauren Polo Red White & Blue is available in a patriotic red white and blue striped flacon. The signature bottle shape resembles the traditional Ralph Lauren Polo cologne line. This electrifying fragrace for men is available in a 75ml eau de toilette. Dare to take the challenge with Ralph Lauren Red White & Blue cologne for men December 2009.

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