Kenneth Cole Reaction T-Shirt by Kenneth Cole Cologne for Men

Simple, white, and Plane. these aren't the first notions that come to mind when one considers excellence. But why shouldn't they? Kenneth Cole seems to believe so, with their simple yet complex new entry into the market, Reaction T-Shirt. Reinterpreted from the original Reaction fragrance, this reaction provides for the simplistic, urban lifestyle within us all. Prepare yourself for the marvel of simplicity without austerity, in this brand new release. Because what is embellishment without the powerful, cordual foundation that secures the ground on which it thrives. So secure your own ground, with Reaction T-Shirt by Kenneth Cole.

You will find yourself complacent and composed as you embrace the sweet aromas which emit from Reaction T-shirt, as you first become embalmed in the zesty, fruity notations of apple, yellow passion fruit, bear and watermelon. This effect will be further intensified, as it is followed with ntoes of juniper berries, gin an tonic, cedar, sandalwood, white musk, cotton accords, and tenacious lavender. This concontion combines in effect to bring to bear nothing but complacency, nothing but efficiency, so you can rest assured you will stroll with a clear conscious, a clear mind, and a flawlessly clear trail which is Reaction T-Shirt by Kenneth Cole.

Pear, Red Apple, Passionfruit, Watermelon
Lavender, Juniper, Gin
Virginia Cedar, Musk, Cotton Flower, Sandalwood

Reaction T-shirt has a playful effect upon the Kenneth Cole fragrance lines, and will complete your pleasures with assurance upon every application. Brought to you in a design of equivalent simplicity, bearing a flacon of sheer-iced glass coming down smoothly into a solid glass base, titled within an image of perforation to exemplify the ease upon which you will facilitate every process in life, and adorned with a stainless steel stopper that denotes a strong head of its bearer. Wether you be an every day man or an every minute man, get the job done, with Reaction T-Shirt by Kenneth Cole.

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