Kenzo Les Eaux de Fleur Collection - Eau de Fleur De Prunier by Kenzo Perfume for Women

Flowers represent every positive aspect of this world. Wether it be peace, nature, happiness, love, refreshment, anything you can imagine has its counterpart in the floral world. Kenzo understands this poignant connection, which is why from their Les Eaux de Fleur Collection they bring you, Eau De Fleur De Prunier. This riveting signature perfume from Kenzo provides for the sensible, peaceful, aromatic pleasurer in each and every one of us. With an explicit list of fashionable, tasteful, and down right decadent fragrances to bear, you can rest assured passion will be within your hands, upon application of Eau de Fleur De Prunier.

This mind altering fragrance will astound and cultivate every sensation imagineable, as you travel through a veritable cornucopia of delicious fragrances, culminating to the pinnacle of notations, which haven't been smelled in compilation since the garden of eden last stood. Eau de Fleur is stapled upon the freshest of just blooming rose, honey peaches, juicy pears, apple blossoms, plum flower, and a hint of almond which combines to make the most sensually stimulating fragrance on the market. Ea de Fleur de Prunier. Become overtaken.

Eau De Fleur de Prunier is brought to you representing the sweetest thing imagineable, sweet sugar plums dancing the night before christmas. And this and many more things will dance upon your mind after you've held the first delicate scent of this tantalizing substance. Brought to you in the finest of glass flacons, square and thin, containing the purity of sample, and possession one smooth cross banner at mid section bearing the title in silver lapsing a vague view of a plum tree as light as the feather which will grace you upon application, indulged with a simple metallic stopper, is all that will hold you back from utmost bliss and ecstasy. Eau De Fleur de Prunier, charming us all through the mysteries of delight.

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