Lalique Eau de Parfum Homme Limited Edition 2009 Cologne for Men, Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme Limited Edition 2009 by Lalique Perfume for Women

Born in France in the 1860s, Rene Jules Lalique was destined for fame. A rare artist born with his vision, from the age of 12 he became envoked to create masterpieces with the most natural design. By the age of 20 he had gain renown, and the rest is known as history. So have no doubts when we tell you, his mode of excellency and his desire for superior craftmanship has been carried over flawlessly in not only the design of his perfumes, but transfused within the very scents themselves. And this time is no exception, as we bring you Lalique Eau de Parfum Homme Limited Edition 2009, and Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme Limited Edition 2009, both from Lalique.

How does one express supreme power. How can one convey the might they feel within, or the might they hold without, without being deemed excessive or braggish? Lalique Eau de PArfum Homme makes it quite easy to do so, and humbly, with a presence of fragrance that not only expects respectful attention, but demands it. As a word of warning, Lalique Eau de Parfum Homme is not for the faint of heart. Anyone insufficient to bear the power, the sophistication, and the supreme masculinity of this fragrance is advised to turn away. For if you are not already, it WILL make a man of you.

Formed to express luxury, sophistication, masculinity, power, and perpetual elegance, Lalique Eau de Parfum Homme is a limited release edition that lives up to the hype. The composition has been described by many as explosive, and opens with powerful bursts of sparkling citruses, emboldened by grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, lavender, jasmine, and the precious scent of Calabrian bergamot. Bolstered by woody Virginian cedars, the base notes match your anticipation with Indian sandalwood, vanilla, oak moss, and the finest in Indonesian patchouli. Its unfortunate if your not prepared for superiority, for it has already arrived, in the form of Lalique Eau de Parfum Homme.

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Amalfi Lemon, Rosemary
Jasmine, Iris, Cedar
Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Lalique Eau de Parfum Homme doesn't cease in fragrance alone. This exquisite fragrance is masterful to every expense, bearing a flacon design never before witnessed in the fragrance world. Lalique is an eternally infamous designer of flacon's, per the desire of the originator, and this is no exception. Lalique Eau de Parfum is designed with a powerful, silvery round base containing the incredible concontion, which is adorned by an impossibly elegant stopper made of pure, hand crafted crystal which depicts a warrior participating in the ancient games, representing the troubles and trials each man must undergo to find acceptance and completion, he himself adorned with the laurels of victory. Like the sword in the stone, it must be the desire of the gods themselves for you to apply this flawless fragrance, this masterpiece we call, Lalique Eau de Parfum.

It is difficult for some to give an icon of femininity. Which is understandable, because the shroud of the true feminine is so gracefully enigmatic. And it seems Lalique understands this mystery profoundly, through this requisite masterpiece we find in the partner edition in the Lalique Limited Edition 2009 release, Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme. Capturing the flawless scent of the female unique, Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme seeks to capture and convey the feminine divine in the greatest possible way, by exemplifying the godess of womanhood herself, Aphrodite.

Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme dazzles and allures us with scents that are flawlessly contained within the scope of divine, as we are bombarded with the cosmic forces of ecstacy, in these riveting notations of rose, jasmine, currant leaves, black currant juice, sandalwood, velvety vanilla, and the slightest dash of white musk. You will find yourself weightless upon the clouds of the heavens, as your femininity is understood through arguably the finest sense of them all, smell. And this, achieved passionately through Lalique Eau de Parfume Femme, is all the expression you will ever need.

Rose, Blackcurrant, Cassis
Jasmine, Bergamot
Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood

And on par with its counterpart, Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme tantalizes and shocks us with its display of incredible sensitivity, and voluptuousness. These things are expressed all throughout, as you bear witness to the incredible flacon Lalique Eau de Parfum is contained within. Let your eyes grab hold of wonder, as you view the godess Aphrodite herself, her naked body alluring male and female alike, to take awe to the magnificence that is the female form. Pure, true, and untouched by all evils, the model of perfection is in your reach. Release yourself from all fear, and take hold of Lalique Eau de Parfum Femme Limited Edition 2009.

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