My DNA Fragrance POTUS 1600 Unisex Perfume for Men and Women Inspired by Barack Obama

A "Fragrance you can believe in"

The brand My DNA Fragrance, which already came into the market with a biological twist on the familiar concept of the unique, perfect-fit fragrance, blending scents incorporating a finger-print signature based on your DNA sample, has now introduced a limited-edition celebrating the new president of the United States, Barack Obama. The unisex fragrance is called POTUS 1600 and was created by Dr. Diva Verdun in November 2008.

POTUS 1600 is a light musky Fragrance with marine and amber notes and a hint of chocolate and is another environmentally friendly Fragrance by My DNA Fragrance, which creates signature perfumes and colognes custom formulated from your DNA genetic code. My DNA Fragrance has been internationally recognized and received media attention from E! Entertainment, the Today Show and Newsweek Magazine to name a few.

The cologne was originally launched on November 4th, 2008 when Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States, making him the 1st African American to ascend to the highest office in the land. POTUS 1600 honors Barack Obama for his unprecedented run for the white house and his historic moment in history as our first black president.

As with the company’s signature line, the original Barack Obama Cologne is an environmentally friendly Fragrance and does not contain alcohol (Alcohol causes drying out of the skin and is generally added to fragrance to increase the fragrance throw as the Fragrance becomes airborne). POTUS 1600 is formulated from My DNA Fragrance’s secret Aloe Vera formulation making it a healthy Fragrance alternative for both the environment and your skin.

The 4 oz. Fragrance bottle is delivered in an aluminum bottle, which protects the secret fragrance formulation from sunlight and air and the bottle is adorned with an original illustration of Barack Obama with the Fragrance title POTUS 1600 in bold lettering.

From the press release,

"1600 is a clean, refreshing blend of citrus, green leaves and marine notes formulated to insight Hope. The Fragrance concept was created as a limited edition commemorative to celebrate Barack Obama's historic and unprecedented run for President. Barack Obama has inspired many to embrace Hope and move forward through the day to day challenges for Change. In keeping with the Spirit of Hope for our country and our world the Fragrance is environmentally friendly and does not contain alcohol. This Presidential Election has already left its imprint on history, a history that we each own in our hearts and souls..."

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